Drive Axle

Granning have developed many drive axle air suspensions for different vehicles to replace the original mechanically sprung suspension. Air suspension is 'Road Friendly' and Load Friendly giving greater protection to loads and causing less damage to the road surface. Suspensions have been fitted to most sizes of vehicles from 3500kg gross mass to 18,000kg. Air suspension offers constant ride height, superior ride and handling and can be utilised to raise and lower the chassis to assist loading and unloading. Giving that greater protection to the load, 'Road Friendly' suspension
is mandatory in legislation to operate vehicles at particular capacities. Our drive air suspensions come in two main types, PDL (Primary Drive – Light) and PDH (Primary Drive – Heavy). The PDH suspension can be plated up to 11,500kg, and will fit the majority of 17,000kg & 18,000kg trucks and tractor units. Our large range of PDL kits are designed for vehicles with a drive axle mass of 1200kg to 6000kg.
Relating documentation: Lightweight 6000kg: 18307 Model Heavy weight 11500kg: 18166 Model 80100 Pressure Graph