Mid Axle

Axles mounted in front of the drive axle to form a close-coupled bogie are termed 'Mid Axles' or 'Pushers'. They have a 'Drop Centre' in the tube to allow clearance to the propeller shaft. Granning Lynx offer a wide range of suspensions and axles for this purpose in order to ensure that the additional equipment compliments the original vehicle specification.
Granning can supply drum or disc braked axles to carry tyre sizes from 17.5" to 22.5" are available for twin wheel, single offset wheel and single centre knave configuration. The acclaimed RM series of suspensions offers
perform this task. Popular applications are Tractor unit mid axle taking the tractor from a 17000kg gross vehicle weight to a 22800kg tractor that has the three axle configuration required to operate at 44000kg gross train weight.
The axle can be lifted when the vehicle is unladen thus saving tyre wear and allowing the drive axle to carry more mass giving greater traction. A number of Car Transporter Drawbars employ Granning Lynx 600 series mid axles in order to fit space saving 17.5" tyres which don't encroach into
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