Electronic Braking Conversions

Granning Lynx have always been at the forefront of Type Approval for third and fourth axle conversions to Type Approved Vehicles.

Since the introduction of Electronic Brake control on commercial vehicle chassis equipped with disc brakes, our Engineering team have been working closely with the vehicle manufacturers and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) - Department for Transport to integrate additional axle brakes into the original system.


A declaration from the vehicle manufacturer has to be presented to the VOSA, to satisfy them that the conversion would not adversely effect affect the operation of the braking system before they will issue plates for a vehicle.


Recently vehicle manufacturers have been allowing less conversion options for their newer chassis due to the complexity of the EBS systems and its integration into the whole truck electronics.

Granning Lynx has developed a solution in conjunction with the braking system manufacturers Wabco and Knorr-Bremse, and under the guidance of the department for transport and VOSA, to fit an independent EBS system for the additional axle. Allowing the possibility of converting any EBS truck with out the need to involve the chassis manufacturer. This system was fully tested and approved at the MIRA testing grounds, to satisfy all requirements set by VOSA and DFT with regard to EBS conversions. As was reported in commercial motor article.