August 2017 - Scania Axle Conversions

6x2 to 8x2 Conversions

Granning have now approval for converting the latest Scania 6x2 Artics
into 8x2 Artics and 8x2 Rigids

We have been supplying converters with equipment and services to convert from 6x2 to 8x2 for over 30 years. The introduction of European Whole Vehicle Approval in 2014 caused DVSA to react be demanding a full brake approval for conversions to vehicles registered after 29 October 2014. In conjunction with Chassis Engineering (Stoke) we have invested heavily and taken a converted chassis through the rigours of a full braking approval performed by the VCA, verifying that our well proven method of modifying vehicle in this manner meets the latest European standards.

As a result of this testing we can now offer conversions from 6x2 to 8x2 of Scania chassis registered after 29 October 2014. In addition to this approval we offer Axles, Suspensions, Control systems and full technical support to satisfy all your conversion requirements.

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