February 2018 - Type Approval Services

Plating and Testing – Type Approval Services

From 20 May 2018 Heavy Recovery Vehicles will no-longer be exempt from DVSA Periodic Roadworthiness Testing – annual MOT Test.

In order to have a vehicle Tested, It will also require Plating by DVSA, this specifies the vehicle and axle’s maximum design and operating masses.

Plating involves providing evidence of dynamic brake testing and brake calculations to DVSA proving that the vehicle conforms to Type Approval requirements which are set standards that vehicles are built to, or converted to.

Without a valid MOT you will not be able to tax your vehicle.

With over 30 years’ experience, and a vast library of approvals for converted vehicles, Granning can offer the Type Approval Services in order to have your vehicle plated and brought into the periodic testing regime.

For further information on this service or for any vehicle approval requirement please contact Granning UK Ltd on:

01925 817689 – Ask for Type Approval Dept.

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Detailed information can be found on Department of Transport's "Government Response to Consultations on Exemptions from Annual Testing on Specialised Heavy Vehicles", available in the document link below:

DfT Document of Exemptions