Download - Brake Kits

End of Line Programming

    Granning has been providing ‘End of Line’ programming for vehicles that use EBS systems since it was first introduced
    to the market. We can offer this service to customers who intend to incorporate an EBS system into their vehicle(s).

    Our engineering department are experienced in programming trailers that include additional
    functions such as:

  • Axle Lift Control
  • Steer Axle Locking Control
  • Ride Height Control
  • Traction Control

  • We have regular visits from the leading brake valve manufacturers to ensure our engineering department is trained
    on the latest braking system updates.

    Granning can also provide full brake kits with valves, fittings, air reservoir, piping, and schematics to assist our customers
    with brake kit installation to suit any trailer setup.

    Go to the ‘Resource Video’ section on our website to see further clarification on each individual valve, its function(s),
    and installation guide within the brake kit. Visit our YouTube channel for more details.

Brake Kits

    Granning Axles and Suspensions stock an array of brake kits available for purchase. Each brake kit comes supplied
    with an air reservoir, valves and fittings, piping, and full piping schematics.

    We can provide brake kits for the following applications:

  • 12 Volt & 24 Volt EBS Systems
  • 12 Volt & 24 Volt ABS Systems
  • Load Sensing solutions
  • Lift Axle Control
  • Air Suspension Control Solutions
  • Steer Axle Locking Control

  • Our engineering department can also provide brake calculations to accompany each brake kit. A number of input
    parameters are required in order to perform a complete brake calculation.

    See Request Form on page 84 for more info. Additionally, we can provide mounting brackets for the valves, air reservoir etc. within the brake kit. We also stock optional extras such as: red and yellow suzies, palm and C couplings, manual and auto slacks, service and parking brake chambers etc.