Hydraulic Suspension

Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension can be supplied with control system to allow the system to maintain constant ride height no matter is loaded or unloaded which dependant on the application vehicle ensures correct height of any agricultural equipment during operation, correct and constant loading of the towing vehicle without requiring the tow hitch height to be adjusted. This also gives a more constant centre of gravity providing an improved and consistent stability of the vehicle.

This suspension system with dual acting rams allows for future expansion with developing controls systems capable of “slope control” during off road operations to actively keep the load/trailer body in a vertical position when operating on slopes of uneven ground to further prevent roll over situations



12000kg per axle

Suspension travel (min to max)


Ride height range available

240mm – 440mm

Axle Beam compatible

Round 127, Square 120, Square 150

Axle Type compatibility

Fixed, self-steer, command steer axles

Suspension Features

Dual acting Rams for Axle lift (if required)


Dual acting rams allow cross piping for added stability


Large travel operation for uneven surfaces