An additional axle mounted to a commercial vehicle behind the existing vehicle Drive axle to form a close-coupled bogie is termed a Tag or Trailing Axle.  Granning offer a wide range of suspensions and axles for this purpose in order to ensure that the additional equipment compliments the original vehicle specification.

Disc and Drum brake axles to carry tyre sizes from 17.5″ to 22.5″ are available for twin wheel and for single centre knave and offset wheel configurations.

Our RT (Retro Tag) range of suspensions are usually employed for this style of installation, they offer a practical solution to the vehicle converter for mounting the axle in this position but with twin lift built in saving assembly time and expense.  Twin wheeled installations usually form an equally plated bogie where the mass on the Tag axle is the same as that carried by the Drive Axle.  Wide track single wheeled configurations are available that offer maximum stability when an asymmetric bogie is required by the operator. These suspensions offer high stability and durability and variety of lifting methods are available should the standard twin lift be unsuitable for your application.

Type Approval for such conversions is offered for a number of countries including the UK and Ireland.

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