Type Approvals

Vehicles registered within the EU must comply with many EC Regulations and Directives that form the basis of the vehicle Type Approval.  Altering or converting a chassis will impact on this approval and the most critical are the braking directives.  Granning pioneered the installation of additional axles to trailers and trucks/tractors in the early 1980’s. Since then we have developed considerable expertise, and a vast library of Type Approvals in order to satisfy UK National Type Approval requirements ensuring that the necessary regulations are adhered to and that the completed vehicle will be suitable for the intended purpose

We have some of the very latest technology for recording vehicle-braking performance and have written our own brake performance analysis computer software in order to enable us to remain at the very forefront in this area, when re-approval of the braking system is required as a result of a conversion.

For conversions to UK commercial vehicles equipped with Electronic Braking Systems EBS, Granning have developed a stand-alone EBS system that can be fitted to control the additional axle independently of the original vehicle EBS system thus does not require integration into the original system, and does not require approval from original chassis manufacturer.

We offer Type Approval services to Commercial, Agricultural and Specialist Plant Trailer manufacturers including assistance and calculations to obtain European Whole Vehicle Type Approval and Approval National standards where necessary.